Helping Save Firefighters’ Lives by Reducing Repetitive Heat Stress and its Long Term Effects.

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This technology could be a lifesaver!
The Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department receives a revolutionary device to beat the heat and to help save lives.

Event Schedule:

  October 2017
28th –Steven Siller Foundation 5k Run
9th-12th Volunteer Fire Chiefs Assoc. Clearwater
  December 2017
4th- 6th Hillsborough County F/R – Training Burn
12th –Tampa F/R – Cadet Training Burn
  January 2018
15th-20th Fire Rescue East – Daytona
18th- Haz Mat Symposium – Volusia County F/R
21st – 23rd Intersec Conference Á Trade Show at the Dubai World Trade Center – in Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  February 2018
3rd- ALA Climb, Jacksonville, FL (675- 150)
15th – 17th AASA Trade Show – Nashville Music City Center – Nashville, TN
19th- Tarboro F/R , N.C. – Frankie Winslow – FC – 12pm – (252) 641-4296
20th- Ashboro F/R N.C. – Roy Wright – FC – 12pm – (336) 625-4244
21th – 23rd EMS Today, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte< NC.
24th- ALA Climb Jackson, MS (200 – 50)
10th- ALA Climb, Tampa, FL (800 – 165)
10th- ALA Climb, Miami, FL (600 – 275)
17th- Cove F/R, Baytown Tx – 9am – FC – Jason Soto – 713-256-2873
24th- ALA Climb, Orlando, FL (500 – 80)
24th- ALA Climb, Charlotte, NC (250 – 50)
  April 2018
14th- ALA Climb, New Orleans, LA (400 – 75)Tentative
21th- ALA Climb, Atlanta, GA. (900 – 300)
28th- ALA Climb, Ft. Myers, FL (250 – 50)

When Moments Matter, Immediate Total Body Cooling

  • Firefighter’s thermal rehab
  • High Exertion Activities
  • Football Sideline Thermal Rehab
  • Military Physical Training
  • Hot Working Environments

“Helping Save Firefighter’s Lives by Reducing Repetitive Heat, Stress and its long-Term Effects.”
Developed by Statim Technologies, LLC.

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This device would have added another 5 years to my NFL career.

Chris Hovan: This machine cools down the body instantly without delivering a shock to the system. This is very much needed in the field of high performance sports.

If we could have had the Polar Breeze machine on the sidelines I think that I would have added another 5 years to my NFL career.

The Problem:

Heatstroke technically known as hyperthermia – typically occurs when a body temperature is greater than (104.8 °F) due to environmental heat exposure. It is an acute temperature elevation caused by exposure to excessive heat, or combination of heat and humidity, that overwhelms the heat-regulating mechanisms.

Treatment requires rapid physical cooling of the body. Time is critical in this type of medical emergency!

When the core temperature of the body hits 107 degrees the cells deteriorate and the major organs break down. Even if death is avoided severe complications can occur.


100’s of firefighters become physically disabled every year due to the residual effects of thermal injury disease.


Fire fighters are up to 136 times more likely to die of coronary heart disease during the suppression of a fire than during non- emergency duties.


Over 800 people each year die of heat stroke die of heat stroke in the U.S.

Heat Stroke

by Ralf W. Blackstone, MD

Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke are the common terms for thermal injury disease. This occurs regularly across the globe resulting in more than 8,000 deaths annually; primarily in those exercising (football players, marathon runners, armed forces recruits, firemen, etc.) in hot and humid conditions. When the Heat Index (combined heat and humidity levels) exceed 110°F., thermal injury disease becomes likely. This occurs at 90°F. and 75% humidity or 95°F. and 57% humidity. At 90°F and 90% humidity, the Heat Index is 121.9°F. These can be lethal conditions.

Research supports a rate for heatstroke of 1 in every 1,000 people for those exercising in a hot environment. However, the rate of thermal injury with organ damage or failure maybe 10x that of actual heatstroke. Among firefighters, there are approximately 100 deaths/year due to thermal injury disease. However, the real morbidity rate is higher but essentially unknown as later deaths may be ascribed to organ failure rather than the thermal injury that caused that failure. Even non- fatalities from heatstroke can suffer long-term disabilities as a result of thermal injury.

The worst heatstroke wave in the US occurred in Chicago in July & August 1995. More than 700 deaths were recorded in a ten day period (mostly from non-exercising people). In the weeks and months that followed approximately another 1,000 victims died of the residual effects of their bout with heatstroke. The largest worldwide heatstroke wave occurred in Europe in July 2003 resulting in more than 70,000 heatstroke deaths, 15,000 in France alone. Nonfatal thermal injuries were not even estimated.

Thus the recognition and rapid effective treatment for thermal injury is of prime importance to the world’s population in a time of global warming, but especially so to firefighters who may care for, or become, victims themselves.

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The Solution
polar_breeze_SolutionPolar Breeze® is a state-of-the-art total body cooling technology designed and patented to rapidly reduce core body temperature. When time is of the essence, nothing lowers the body core temperature faster than the Polar Breeze® – Air Chilling System.

Polar Breeze® utilizes a cold air stream into the largest surface-area organ of the entire body- the lungs. While immersion in ice-water can cool the 1.7 to 2.3 square meters (2.0-2.75 square yards) of the body surface area, the lungs offer a cooling area directly into the bloodstream of 30 to 70 square meters and up to 100 square meters in some athletes – that’s half the size of a tennis court!. Cooling the bloodstream cools the entire body from the inside out, head-to-toe! The greater the surface area, the faster this occurs!

In actual recent testing, Polar Breeze® has dropped core body temperature 1°F. every two minutes in firefighters undergoing training in a Burn House.

Polar Breeze® is not a respirator so the athlete can naturally breath cold approx. 50°F air continuously into the lungs until his core temperature returns to a safe range.

The higher the Heat Index (a combination of high heat and high humidity), the greater the chance of becoming a heat injury victim.

Regular temperature measurements, hydration, and rehab with Polar Breeze® help the firefighter maintain near-normal body temperature during exertion. This may also help maintain focus, concentration, and performance.

1 by Firefighter Life Safety Research Center Illinois Fire Service Institute University of Illinois at Champaign- Urbana – July 2008
2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, “Heat Illness Among High School Athletes- United States 2005-2009’, August 20, 2010, 59(32);1009-1013
3 by American College of Emergency Physicians
4 by American College of Emergency Physicians

The Polar Breeze® is the fastest known system available. It drops the body’s core temperature (on average) one degree every two minutes.

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For treatment of heat exhaustion, this will bring them around. We go into 300 to 400 degrees C.


Cork County Extraction Training Team, County Cork, Ireland, UK

Whoa! Yeah! Unbelievable! Really good! I can feel the core temperature dropping when you put it on my back.


Wales, UK.

It feels like it cools quickly but not an overbearing cold. The perfect temperature. Not a shock. I can feel my core temperature dropping. It’s awesome.



Meet our Team


Ralf W. Blackstone MD.,
Chairman of the Board
& Director of Innovation

Originator of the micro-environmental cooling concept and developer of the various airstream cooling and drying technologies for individuals working and playing in hostilely hot environments.

Holder of multiple patents, and patents pending in various stages of micro-environmental cooling/drying technology; from cold airstream production concepts and hardware to end-user devices for distributing that airstream

Jamie Blackstone, CEO

Jamie has taken Statim Technologies from a concept to an established company by showing forward thinking and control in the direction Statim Technologies has taken with its product, Polar Breeze. She has worked directly with multi-billion dollar companies for supplies and established the senior management. She has conceived and implemented all Polar Breeze feasibility studies, market research, product demonstrations, positioning studies and advertising.

Benjamin R. Kugler, President

Ben has owned and operated several companies – from a start up, Major Maintenance that he grew from one employee to 117 people in 18 months to his largest business having over 1,400 employees, Millard Maintenance Service Co.

When he worked for New York Life he was the first agent (with no prior insurance experience) to earn the company’s highest sales award faster than anyone else in its 150 year history.

Daniel McCue
Chief Technology Officer

Designer and manufacturer of Lustone high-end vacuum- tube amplifiers for professional musicians, accomplished artisan in prototype design and assembly. Skilled machinist and woodworker, excels in assembly line organization.

Eric Mitchell, Vice President Business Development

Achiever of Triple-digit Multimillion-Dollar Sales Over $100 Million as Vice President of International Sales with a Global Manufacturer of telecommunications testing and monitoring equipment.  Concurrently, Eric worked unpaid for five years supporting veterans and first responders.

Bill Amador
Sales Representative
Central Florida

Fire and Rescue professional with over 25 years of diverse experience in all phases of a “Full Service”, Unionized, ISO Class-2 Fire Rescue and Beach Safety Department. Successfully led and managed all divisions within the Town of Palm Beach Fire Rescue comprised of 94 personnel with an operating budget of 14 million dollars.   Awarded Town of Palm Beach Elite 100, 2008 and 2009. Florida Distinguished Service Award for Operation Fire Storm.  Firefighter of the Year Palm Beach Rotary Club.

Cheryl Bruntel
Executive Support

Cheryl has a progressive experience of over 30 years, reaching up to being Executive Support to top level senior managers at Fortune 100 companies. Being highly mobile, she brings her wide spectrum of abilities to wherever needed, be it logistics, strategic research, marketing campaigns, presentations and many others. Head office operations would not be imaginable without her.

Joe Santy
Sales Representative
Northern New England

Joe has received the Chief’s Achievement Award from Salem New Hampshire Police Department for outstanding commitment and dedication for 31 years of service as a Special Police Officer. During that time, he spent four years as a Fitness Consultant for Salem PD coordinating testing and hiring for new recruits.

Emmanuel Watson
Sales Representative
Northern California

Emmanuel (Manny) Watson brings over 3 decades of experience in the areas of fire prevention, emergency medical technicians and occupational safety to our company. He is proficient in fire suppression, prevention and occupational safety. He is trained in the use of cardiac monitors and respiratory therapy and has held multiple supervisory and managerial positions in these and related fields.

William Patterson
Sales Representative
North and South Carolina and Georgia

With a Bachelor of Science from Ohio State University, William has over 3 decades of experience in the field of Sales Management in the Fire, Safety and EMS equipment industry. He has established Fire Safe Associates, an independent Manufacturers Representative Group. He has served as President of FEMA (Fire Equipment Manufacturers Association) and is actively involved in key trade groups and committees in the Fire and Safety Industry, such as NFPA, IAFC, IFSTA and many others.

Glen Clegg
Grant Writer

Glenn has served the community as an Assistant Fire Chief with over 34 years of experience in the Fire and EMS service. With credentials as Chief Fire Officer, and Chief EMS Officer through Center Public Safety Excellence, he has obtained the following certifications: Fire Instructor III, File Officer II, Fire Investigator, Fire Inspector, and he has many other fire certifications. He has also served as a paramedic in the emergency medical services for over 32 years and is an EMS instructor in Emergency Medicine and Healthcare for over 20 years both in the US and internationally. He does have extensive experience in Fire &EMS grant writing and grading.

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