Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What does this machine do?

The Polar Breeze machine lowers body core temperature one degree every two minutes – per recent testing and is
designed to be the new industry standard.

What’s inside of the unit? Is it Ice with a blower? How does it run?

Inside the PB machine is a unique combination of compressor and evaporator. It operates on 110 or 220
volt alternating current.
When dealing with a prospect outside of the USA please get the exact voltage and hertz required for their electrical system.

How many individuals can be thermal rehabbed at once?

Two individuals can be cooled at once. However, no more than one individual should be cooled at one time if any of the individuals being cooled have a body core temperature moving into the 103 degree F. plus range. And if this is the case the Polar Breeze provided hoods must be utilized.

What industry or type of business are you listed under?

Health, Wellness & Fitness

Is the hood a respirator?

No, it is only providing very cooled fresh air

Does the hood come with the Polar Breeze unit? If so, how many?
There are a dozen disposable hoods that come with the initial of your PB machine.
What is the price for the machine and any and all accessories?
What is the time that it takes from ordering to receipt of delivery?

U.S.A. delivery is 2 to 4 weeks depending upon the season. Out of the USA – 4 to 8 weeks.

How difficult is it to run the PB machine?

It’s as easy as plugging in the cord, attaching the hose to the machine and pressing the on/off switch to on.

What’s the warranty on the machine?

18 Months

Where do I get the machine serviced during and after the warranty?

Initially through the first half of 2018 all repairs are to by UPS Call Taged and sent back to the headquarters of Statim Technologies, LLC in Clearwater, Fl. A replacement unit will be sent to the customer. After this period of time an appliance service center will be designated not more than 30 miles from the customers location for all warranty repairs during the first 18 months of ownership.

For those customers who are outside of the United States we will on a case by case basis procure service center agreements that are acceptable to the prospective client prior to their paying for the Polar Breeze equipment.

Who invented this machine?

A Tampa Bay, Florida emergency room Medical Doctor. See the latest Polar Breeze brochure for more information.

Who manufactures the machine?

Embraco, a major subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation.Embraco has the largest market share of compressor sales worldwide. They have sold over 40 million compressors & evaporators each year for the last 10 years and are the main supplier to their parent company; Whirlpool.

What is unique about this machine? Is it just an air- conditioner?
  • It lowers body core temperature one degree F. every two minutes. No other existing machine can do this.
  • It cools the body both internally and externally in a non-invasive manner.
  • There are several patents on the PB machine
  • It is a cross between an air-conditioning unit and a refrigeration unit.
  • Unlike just an air-conditioner which usually has an ambient air differential of 20 to 22 degrees
  • The Polar Breeze can deliver an ambient air differential of close to 35 degrees F.
  • Example: if the temperature of the air is 100 degrees, then a standard air-conditioner at best will cool a house to 78 or 80 degrees F.
  • The PB machine will produce a differential (delta) of 50 degrees F.
  • This machine can thermally rehab two individuals at one time.
What’s the history of the machine?

Eight years of Research and Development, two and a half years of field testing at fire departments and the Florida State Fire College in Ocala, Florida

Who is using this machine?

The PB machine had its official debut in November 2015 with orders being taken from that point. The actual sales and delivery of the machine commenced with a sale to Ft. Myers Fire & Rescue the First Responders for the Pentagon.

What are your current markets?

Fire Departments, Athletes Directors from the NFL, Universities, High Schools, Military Training, athletes, and high heat commercial environments, etc. There are several other markets that are being entertained.

When a prospect says; “Oh, it’s $6,000.00 I don’t think that we can afford that?” What would you say?

The sale of a product that significantly benefits the health, welfare and fitness of an individual should primarily be measured by – the prospects understanding of the importance of the products purpose.

If the prospect can see the importance of having such a machine, but cannot wrap their head around how to raise the money – then ask them, if there was a way to raise the money would they be in favor of recommending the purchase of the PB machine.

If the answer is yes, tell the prospect that we have a 20 year Grant Writer on our payroll who might be able to find a grant for them that could cover all or part of the cost of the machines.

Can you discount the machine to us?

If three or more machines are bought at one time.

What other products do you sell?

See the most current future products list in the Sales Rep Hat Pack.

Tell me something about Statim Technologies, LLC?

We were incorporated in the state of Florida in 2007.As mentioned earlier for the last several years Statim has been developing and testing its present and future product line. The company is currently privately owned and has several patents on the current and future products.

What if I don’t like the machine after I receive it?

There is a 60 day unconditional return policy. The customer however must pay return shipping charges.

When are you going to have your other products?

See the future product list in the Manufacturer’s Sales Rep Agreement for an idea of when the future products will be available.

Have there been any manufacturing problems?

The PB machine made its official debut in the 4 th Quarter of 2015. Actual sales of the product officially commenced in April 2016. The product was pulled from distribution until it entered its true production stage of manufacturing in the first quarter of 2017. Note: from the beginning it functioned perfectly, however there were three vendors who played an integral part in the manufacturing of the Polar Breeze machine. The coordination of the assembly of the product was the problem. At great expense we handled that. That assembly problem is now behind us.

Why is this machine better than anything else out there?

There are several stages of exertional and non-exertional heat stress. Whether we’re talking about an EMS victim young or old, an active fire fighter that needs thermal rehab, a football player who is overheating in the 3 rd quarter of the game or an employee that works in a very hot environment; like the steam energy division of a major energy provider – there is no other machine, device or modality on the market that will bring down an individual’s body core temperature faster than the Polar Breeze machine.