Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What does this machine do?

Testing has indicated that the Polar Breeze machine provides greater cooling effect than any other method available that facilitates rapid, localized relief to individuals suffering from thermal stress. The device provides a cooled environment, outside or indoors, that may assist in alleviating Thermal Stress.

What’s inside of the unit? Is it Ice with a blower? How does it run?

Inside the PB machine is a unique combination of compressor and evaporator. It operates on 110 or 220
volt alternating current.
When dealing with a prospect outside of the USA please get the exact voltage and hertz required for their electrical system.

How many individuals can the machine relieve at once?

Two individuals can be cooled at once. However, no more than one individual should be cooled at one time if any of the individuals being cooled are exhibiting signs of Exertional Heat Stress. If this is the case, use of the Polar Breeze provided hoods is indicated while awaiting help from a 911 call.

What industry or type of business are you listed under?

Health, Wellness & Fitness

Is the hood a respirator?

No, it is not a respirator and should not be used on an unconscious person. The hood provides an enclosed space for the head, neck, chest and back to receive about 30° cooler ambient air.

How many hoods come with the initial Polar Breeze purchase?

Your initial order of the Polar Breeze includes 10 disposable hoods.

What is the price for the machine and any and all accessories?
How long does it take to deliver the Polar Breeze?

U.S.A. delivery takes 4 to 8 weeks. Out of the USA – 8 to 12 weeks.

How difficult is it to run Polar Breeze?

It’s as easy as plugging in the cord, attaching the hose to the machine and pressing the on/off switch to on.

What is the warranty?

18 Months

Where do I get the Polar Breeze serviced during and after my warranty?

We will provide a UPS Return Label for shipment back to Statim Technologies, 510 N Garden Ave, Clearwater, FL 33755. In many cases a replacement can be sent immediately.

Who invented this machine?

Ralph W. Blackstone, MD. See detailed info on the home page.

Who manufactures Polar Breeze?

Statim Technologies, LLC. with the help of Embraco North America, Inc., a major subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation. Embraco has the largest market share of compressor sales worldwide. Selling over 40 million compressors and evaporators each year for the past 10 years. Embraco is the main supplier to their parent company, Whirlpool.

What is unique about Polar Breeze? Is it just an air- conditioner?
  • Unlike just an air-conditioner which usually has an ambient air differential of 20 to 22 degrees, Polar Breeze delivers an ambient air differential of 30 to 35 degrees F, targeted right where it is needed, directly on the person.
  • It cools the body both internally and externally in a non-invasive manner.
  • Polar Breeze is a cross between an air-conditioner and a refrigeration unit.
  • This machine can help relieve thermal stress in two individuals at one time.
What’s the history of the machine?

Eight years of Research and Development, two and a half years of field testing at fire departments and the Florida State Fire College in Ocala, Florida

What are your current markets?

Fire Departments, EMTs, Athletes Directors from the NFL, Universities, High Schools, Military Training, athletes, and high heat commercial environments, etc. There are several other markets that are being evaluated.

Can you discount the machine to us?

If three or more machines are bought at one time.

What other products do you sell?

See the most current future products list in the Sales Rep Hat Pack.

Tell me something about Statim Technologies, LLC?

We were incorporated in the state of Florida in 2007.As mentioned earlier for the last several years Statim has been developing and testing its present and future product line. The company is currently privately owned and has several patents on the current and future products.

What if I don’t like the machine after I receive it?

There is a 60 day unconditional return policy. The customer however must pay return shipping charges.

When are you going to have your other products?

See the future product list in the Manufacturer’s Sales Rep Agreement for an idea of when the future products will be available.