This video presents new data and insights derived from Traumatic Brain Injury Research. Included are previously unrecognized advantages of cooling an overheated brain using Targeted Temperature Management, how this rapidly lowers brain metabolism, helps preserve brain viability, and results in greater brain salvage.

Dr. Blackstone explains how Heat Illness and Heat Stroke are primarily a thermal trauma to the brain which positively responds to rapid lowering of brain temperature. Offered as proof, is a short video of a contestant from the 2019 World Finals of the Firefighter Combat Challenge who entered the rehab tent with symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and early Heat Stroke. The Firefighter was restored within 10 minutes of being treated with cold air to the face and lungs using Polar Breeze, effectively cooling the brain from the inside out. To see Polar Breeze in action fast-forward to 20 minutes 40 seconds and listen to what this firefighter has to say.

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